LACTOFOL product range

This product range embodies the core technology of our unique technology for production and application of foliar fertilizers. The range consists of more than 80 products covering all major crops.

LACTOFOL SUSPENSION fertilizers. These products are very concentrated and have a long successful history of delivering maximum nutritional benefit and anti-stress effect per dosage of application.

LACTOFOL LIQUID fertilizers. These products are a less concentrated version of the suspension fertilizers, making them very easy to apply and handle.

The LACTOFOL product range has been traditionally applied on Bulgarian fields for more than 30 years already. Export includes Romania, Greece, Turkey, Morrocco, Vietnam.

AMINO EXPERT product range

The newest and most evolved range of fertilizers produced by Ecofol based on organics. It is aimed for the advanced agricultural technologies. The range consists of 6 exceptional products that deliver remarkable effectiveness in low dosage of application.

EXPERT. This product range offers a unique crop nutrition technology combining macro-elements, micro-elements, amino acids, peptides, lactic acid, phytohormones, organic adjuvants and wetting agents.

EFFECTIVE. This product range has a very low dosage of application, delivering powerful performance and profound results.

The AMINO EXPERT range can be perfectly combined with the HELASOL range for optimal flexibility of the nutrient selection and specific approach to plant deficiencies.

HELASOL product range

This product range consists of more than 20 premium quality EC fertilizers covering all general and specific nutrient needs of all crops.The range is divided in 3 sub-ranges.

HELASOL COMPLEX. This range consists of different complex fertilizers under different combinations of Macro and Micro elements. All micro elements are fully chelated and 100% water soluble.

HELASOL LIQUID & HELASOL MAX. These 2 sub-ranges target maximum concentration of the essential micro-elements in both liquid and solid form.

The HELASOL product range can be perfectly combined with the AMINO EXPERT range for maximum effect and powerful anti-stress effect.

LACTOFOL GARDEN product range

This range offers an evolved and integrated product solution for fertilizing gardens. The range consists of more than 25 liquid and solid high quality products.

COMPLETE. The range covers all garden plants species including 2 sub-ranges for turf and orchid care. The fertilizers in the range are developed by professional agronomists and their effectiveness is confirmed in time.

QUALITY. The liquid products of the range are packed in premium HDPE plastic bottles, closed by a high quality cap with induction sealing. The solid products are packed in double-packed carton box with detailed instructions for use and helpful pictograms.

The LACTOFOL GARDEN product range in Bulgaria is marketed in major international food and DIY hypermarkets like Kaufland, Metro, Billa, Mr. Bricolage, Praktiker, etc.. The range can be found also in local market agro and garden shops. Export activities include Greece and Romania.

AdBlue® from Ecofol

In 2016 ECOFOL started a new licensed chemical production. The diesel exhaust fluid AdBlue®. We created a brandnew production facility dedicated to the production of the product.

QUALITY. Every liter of our AdBlue® is produced under the requirements of ISO 22241 and under an integrated quality and environment management systems ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2005.

SERVICE. We offer flexible and fast deliveries combined with detailed service to our clients.

We offer the product in 3 and 10 liter canisters, 1000 liter IBC containers and bulk deliveries by truck. All packages are seal protected.