We are ECOFOL.

We develop and produce UNIQUE foliar fertilizers. We deliver increased and reliable yield to agriculture.

We provide an innovative product for the benefit of farmers and agriculture as a whole. We introduce pioneering technologies in foliar feeding, and then bring them to farmers through our tailored service. Our products cover all major applications: cereals, oil & technical crops, vegetables, fruit trees and vineyards.

We believe that the future belongs to the responsible and efficient business. And we deliver this future through our products and services. Our inspirational motto is: “There is nothing wiser than the living nature. A particle of this wisdom can be found in every drop of our fertilizers.”


Our newest products

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Our Technology:

How we create our fertilizers is our Production Technology.

How we apply them on the plants is our Application Technology.

1Production Technology: Bio-Mineral fertilizers

Our key product lines consist of Bio-Mineral fertilizers. They combine the advantages of all major types of fertilizers: mineral, organic and bacterial.

Exception to this are the following product lines: HELASOL: foliar fertilizers of standard technology – with EDTA and sulphates].

2Production Technology: “4 in 1” type of fertilizers

Our Fertilizers contain 4 different types of complementary ingredients:

Macro elements: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium Micro elements: Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Molybdenum, Boron, Zinc, etc. Biostimulator: Lactic acid, amino acids and other physiologically active substances Natural Adjuvant: Ester of Lactic acid.
3Application Technology: Conventional
Takes care of the complete, balanced and versatile nutrition of the plants, customized to the different needs and development stages of the various crops. For major cereal and oil crops we offer a solution for treatment from seeds to harvest.
4Application Technology: Anti-Stress

Deals with the provoked nutritional needs or physiological needs caused by some stress event or a combination of different stressful situations: excessive rain, bad soil management, prolonged heat, erroneous soil fertilization, micro elements deficit, hail damage, pesticide damage, soil acidity, drought, soil alkalinity, frost, bad field history.